PROSPED s.r.o.

We meet our obligations towards our business partners in due time, we are certified by the Register of Solvent Companies. It will be our pleasure to assist you if you choose our services.

Transport of bulk materials

We specialise in transporting bulk materials within the Czech Republic and most EU member states.

Transport of pallet goods

We provide comprehensive services and “just-in-time” transport.

Customized freight transport

We offer solutions for the transport of dangerous and oversized cargo.

Transport of bulk materials

We are experts in transporting bulk materials. We know the specifics of this freight forwarding sector down to the smallest detail and we have all the necessary certificates and professional technical background.


We transport about 40,000 tons of bulk materials per month in the Czech Republic and the European Union. We place great emphasis on the protection of goods in every transport job and we always adapt all system solutions, such as vehicle security, strict quality requirements for trucks and drivers of contracting carriers, driver training and planning of suitable and safe routes, accordingly.


All transported consignments are insured under CMR (road carrier’s liability insurance). Our company also has the so-called cargo insurance covering damages to the transported goods.


In the area of bulk material transport, we most often transport the following:
▪ Cereals, oilseeds and other agricultural commodities.

▪ Feed.

▪ Road salt.

▪ Metallic and non-metallic raw materials.

▪ Bulk building materials.

▪ Crushed plastics.

▪ Sand and aggregates.

▪ Coal, wooden pellets, briquettes.

Transport of pallet goods

Transporting pallet goods is no problem for us either! We will arrange everything you need for such transport. We offer comprehensive services. We also provide “just-in-time” transport.

We transport pallet goods of all kinds and we also provide collection services.

Our added value is fine-tuning the transport according to your requirements, flexibility, speed and personal approach during the implementation of the entire contract. We always choose a specific vehicle and transport conditions taking into account the type of material being transported, its fragility, durability, requirements for optimal transport value, etc.

Customized transport

We can transport dangerous and oversized cargo in which case we customize the transport to you and your needs.


We can meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients and we are able to help you with very specific transport jobs.


We can help you with for example:

▪ Transport of oversized cargo (machinery, excavators, cranes, etc.) – We will provide optimal transport technology capable of transporting cargo of atypical dimensions or weight.

▪ Arranging the transport of passenger cars purchased abroad to the Czech Republic in a short period of time and under favourable price conditions.

▪ Last but not least we can also offer solutions for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR goods). We guarantee professional approach and that the entire job is carried out at the highest level and in full compliance with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.


We have many years of experience in the area of customized transport, we know possible difficulties and we are well versed in the necessary administrative matters.

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