PROSPED Trade s.r.o.

We meet our obligations towards our business partners in due time, we are certified by the Register of Solvent Companies. It will be our pleasure to assist you if you choose our services.


We sell and transport scrap iron. 

Building dismantling

Disposal of technological equipment and demolition of buildings.

Provision of containers

We deliver containers to the requested site and arrange their collection.

Trade and transport of scrap iron

We are a domestic company operating in the area of trading in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, dismantling of technological equipment and demolition of buildings containing metal parts.

Our clients include major iron works and foundries. We specialize in the purchase of iron waste from companies and organizations (JSDH (fire brigade), waste collection yards, etc.). With our fleet and a sufficient number of containers we ensure regular, smooth and reliable material collection for our customers.

Our offer includes:

▪ Comprehensive solutions for disposal of technological equipment and buildings (demolition, sorting and removal of waste or purchase of sorted waste, etc.).

▪ Provision of containers delivered to specified sites and their subsequent collection.

▪ Ensuring an optimal price for suppliers.

▪ On-line payments, including the express delivery option.

▪ Consultancy services in the area of scrape iron logistics and processing.

Our Achievements and Awards